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Just saying …

So, given this context, my two bits worth about what looks to be another “Emergency Risk Management 101” failure. Specifically in the current debacle surrounding Australian citizens and their movement from India. There seems to have been a failure to have adequately applied the risk assessment criteria which has been “around the traps” for over… Read More

A foreseeable future

Catching up on Tony Boyd’s piece in last weekend’s Financial Review which summaries some important risk management issues we face … and ought to have faced decades ago. Still, tomorrow will have to do … won’t it!?

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Are Templates Procrustean Beds?

The story of the “generous” Procrustes is an illustrative one. After offering hospitality to those in need, Procrustes either stretched the limbs of the short to fit his bed – or hacked those of the long, again, to fit his bed. Too often we see “guides” and “standards” parading as flexible tools – but with… Read More