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Step one is only step one

Jason Helps’ responses to the enquiry into quarantine management (Victoria) included the reflection on structure below. The structure to which Helps refers is depicted in the diagram below. It relies on the assumption that an incident management system (which evolved from the context of fighting fires in the USA in the 1980s and since then… Read More

Learning from “Learnings”

Language is important – and plain, everyday language is worth spending the time to think about – and the time to find. The term “learnings” fails one of my key filter tests – “sure you could (use it), but why would you want to“? An important principle of risk communication is to Keep it Short… Read More

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Debriefing – Phase 1 DISCOVER

Debriefing – Phase 1 of DISCOVER: When recording your reflections think about your six top ideas (three “what went well” ideas and three “what went badly” ideas) in the context of how the organisation works (in terms of structure and function) – and of how well you SCANNED – ASSESSED – PLANNED – and REFINED,… Read More

Enhance your business continuity capabilities

I have been asked to share one of our generic developmental approaches for your reflection and consideration. As is usually the case, we envisage a collaborative approach. We are enthusiastic to develop the process and outcomes to ensure it meets your needs. Key aspects of the approach are: • Overview – asking the right questions,… Read More

How is your business going?

Some businesses are “going gangbusters” in the COVID era. Their niche products or services are able to be delivered and they are in high demand. Other businesses are more vulnerable – either because of the nature of their products and services or because of disruptions to the availability of resources those products and services rely… Read More

Agile Business Continuity Planning

Now that we’re out and about again, we can share that while under lockdown, we’ve kept our eye firmly on the ball. Embracing and integrating the twelve principles from the international risk standard, we’ve developed an AgileBCP app to help businesses reboot – even to reimagine. AgileBCP – that is, agile business continuity planning puts… Read More

Send three and fourpence we are going to a dance.

Non-trivial decisions – by their very definition,  are crucial. Crucial by demanding the asking of the right questions. Crucial to requiring the implementation of the right actions. Simple – day to day – decisions generally require simple approaches. As problems become more wicked and are characterised by greater uncertainty, decision-making requires clear approaches. Approaches which… Read More