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A foreseeable future

Catching up on Tony Boyd’s piece in last weekend’s Financial Review which summaries some important risk management issues we face … and ought to have faced decades ago. Still, tomorrow will have to do … won’t it!?

AgileBCP opportunity

AgileBCP is now formalised as AgileBCP Pty Ltd. ACN 647843525 Moving from WEM’s development platformWe are having our “Minimum Viable Product“ – a risk based approach to business continuity, Software as a Service – written up by a Python programmer to be put up on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services, in April.… Read More

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Just saying …

So, given this context, my two bits worth about what looks to be another “Emergency Risk Management 101” failure. Specifically in the current debacle surrounding Australian citizens and their movement from India. There seems to have been a failure to have adequately applied the risk assessment criteria which has been “around the traps” for over… Read More

Reflecting on readings and distractions

Like many, I have taken some time out over the last few weeks to relax and reflect on the last year. I enjoyed relaxing by immersing myself in the distraction of cricket. Especially in going to the Test Cricket. Providing positive feedback and encouragement 😂🤣😂 to nearby fielders. Reflective reading has also been fun as… Read More

Is it safe?

A friend of mine recently responded to my having made public our approach to facilitated debriefing by raising the difficulties of how confidentiality is – in the real world – perceived as being almost impossible to achieve. Confidentiality Confidentiality if a fundamental human trait – it is given – and in turn, respected. Is it… Read More