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AgileBCP opportunity

AgileBCP is now formalised as AgileBCP Pty Ltd. ACN 647843525 Moving from WEM’s development platformWe are having our “Minimum Viable Product“ – a risk based approach to business continuity, Software as a Service – written up by a Python programmer to be put up on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Cloud Computing Services, in April.… Read More

Trust and Empathy

Trust and empathy are two of the biggest things to “bring to the table”. This is especially so when exploring opportunities to improve. When debriefing – asking what went well … and what did not go so well. Trust, layered with respect and supported by confidentiality, is a mainstay of “good cultures”. Facilitating the “ruminate… Read More

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Reflecting on readings and distractions

Like many, I have taken some time out over the last few weeks to relax and reflect on the last year. I enjoyed relaxing by immersing myself in the distraction of cricket. Especially in going to the Test Cricket. Providing positive feedback and encouragement 😂🤣😂 to nearby fielders. Reflective reading has also been fun as… Read More

Is it safe?

A friend of mine recently responded to my having made public our approach to facilitated debriefing by raising the difficulties of how confidentiality is – in the real world – perceived as being almost impossible to achieve. Confidentiality Confidentiality if a fundamental human trait – it is given – and in turn, respected. Is it… Read More

Debriefing – Phase 1 DISCOVER

Debriefing – Phase 1 of DISCOVER: When recording your reflections think about your six top ideas (three “what went well” ideas and three “what went badly” ideas) in the context of how the organisation works (in terms of structure and function) – and of how well you SCANNED – ASSESSED – PLANNED – and REFINED,… Read More