Good design starts with the right questions


When supporting you to ensure you are asking the best questions, we apply the “Double Diamond” approach which builds powerful engagement with our clients and provides a quality framework – ensuring discipline and accountability.

​”In all creative processes a number of possible ideas are created (‘divergent thinking’) before refining and narrowing down to the best idea (‘convergent thinking’), and this can be represented by a diamond shape. The Double Diamond indicates that this happens best when it happens twice – once to confirm the problem definition or scope and once to create or implement the solutionOne of the greatest mistakes is to omit the left-hand diamond and end up solving the wrong problem.” (Design Council, accessed 2018)​​

12 DesigningTheRightThing

Risk based reviews vary in scope.

One size does not fit all – context is critical.

Some straightforward projects can have their objectives achieved by a Desk Check  at a very reasonable cost.

This can generally be done working remotely with your nominated representative by email, video link and phone.

As projects become more complex – involving other stakeholders; and in some cases sensitivities which benefit from face-to-face contact – their objectives are better achieved by tailored methods ramping up to the most complex.

The most effective way of meeting your needs starts with a conversation focused on scope.