In a nutshell

Asking the right questions

“This happens best when it happens twice – once to confirm the problem definition or scope – and once to create or implement the solution. One of the greatest mistakes is to omit the left-hand diamond and end up solving the wrong problem.” (Design Council, accessed 2019)

When exploring a problem, a number of possible ideas might be created (‘divergent thinking’) before refining and narrowing down to the best ideas (‘convergent thinking’). This can be represented by a “Double Diamond” shape.

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Reflections and Ruminations

Blogs from John Salter

Could be a quip about a current hot topic – or, it might just be something that crossed my mind in the shower.

Software as a Service – and nimble apps

John Salter’s expertise has been harnessed into software.

Tools and Templates

Available to immediately download

Including tools and templates for business continuity, risk management, and emergency management planning for facilities.

Scenario based exercises

Exercising Management by Managing Exercises

First, we identify the right management to exercise. Then, we manage the right type of exercise.

Organisational Debriefs

Independent and Confidential

We facilitate a proven, structured approach that ensures the best questions are comfortably and confidentially explored.

Business Continuity Planning

Planning and Plans

Ranging from reviewing and refreshing to rewriting and rebooting.

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