Learning from “Learnings”

Language is important – and plain, everyday language is worth spending the time to think about – and the time to find. The term “learnings” fails one of my key filter tests – “sure you could (use it), but why would you want to“?

An important principle of risk communication is to Keep it Short and Simple (KISS). “Learnings” is so short it is simplistic.

Theory exists to serve practice. And reviews of practice enhance theory – to serve practice. Hence the well respected concept of praxis.

“Learnings” as a stand alone cause of celebration can be dangerously abused – politically, at minimum, as a deflection. The impression is allowed, indeed sometimes nurtured, that the “job is done”. However, with “learnings” you are only half way home. Only through the first Diamond in the Double Diamond process. This is not to belittle the first Diamond – it is absolutely necessary but it is not sufficient.

Author: John Salter Consulting Services

John Salter - owner of John Salter Consulting Services - specialising in the facilitation of risk-based capability reviews; needs-based training; business continuity planning; crisis management exercises; and organisational debriefing. Recognised for “preventing disasters, or where that is not possible, reducing the potential for harm” Ref: Barrister H Selby, Inquest Handbook, 1998. Distracted by golf, camping, fishing, reading, red wine, movies and theatre.

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