Where did AgileBCP come from?

Reflecting on the limitations of traditional business continuity planning approaches to meet current needs, a small group of passionate software engineers and risk managers got together in early 2020 and asked “how might we help?”

We decided to pool our expertise and work together to develop an accessible, nimble tool which would be offered globally – at affordable cost – to support small to medium businesses. To provide value, it needed to be easy to use, focus on vulnerability and support informed decision making.

What is AgileBCP?

AgileBCP Configuration

Aligned with international standards for business continuity and risk management, AgileBCP’s nimble and intuitive approach successfully addresses your vulnerabilities by supporting criteria based decisions.

Next Steps – How might you help

– and in so doing, possibly help yourself?

After many months – and hundreds of hours in development – we have now reached the “Viable Product” stage. We are poised to “put it up and out there”. We now ask you “how might you help”? One way is to “share” this site widely – another is to consider participating in our capitalisation before launch. While having already secured “bootstrap backers”, please contact us for a discussion of how much of the remaining 10% (@ AU$16,000) of AgileBCP you might be interested in.

Breaking news …

We are currently working with Intellisys programmers to put a server less version of AgileBCP on Amazon Web Services using Python. Exciting times, which should see AgileBCP commercially available in Mid 2021.